Zones in QONQR correspond to real world population centers. Typically these are towns, cities and villages. In some major cities, neighborhoods have a zone. There is a small percentage of zone anomalies that exist among the 3 millions zones in the QONQR database such as duplicate zones or zones that don't really fit the description of a town or neighborhood.

The primary gameplay in QONQR is to battle for control of your hometown and surrounding cities. In remote parts of the world, a single player can usually capture and hold small town and expand to large territories. In densely populated cities, a player must coordinate with other players and recruit friends to take over zones and hold them.

Players use their mobile devices (we call them “Scopes”) to launch nano-bot formations. These nanobots are miniaturized soldiers that fight on the battle field in the real world to control the technology in the zone. Different formations have different battle characteristics. It is important to work with your teammates and develop strategy for how to most effectively capture and hold a zone.

The fate of the QONQR Artificial Intelligence and the world lies with our technology. Each faction has different plans for QONQR, controlling a city's technology ensures that technology will be used to achieve the factions global goals.

Basic Zone details can be seen in the Zone Info panel in the lower left corner of the map. Tapping the zone info panel will expand the info panel to show more information and options. A tactical display can be expanded by clicking the tab in the lower right corner. A leaderboard tab is also in the lower right.

The tactical display will give you detailed information about the zone. Most players will use this page for two critical pieces of information: to see when they have 25,000 Hardened Lattice bots in the zone, and when there are 40,000 Strengthen or Booster Bots in the zone for all players in their faction. These are the limits at which the special abilities for these bot formations reach their peak.

You can also use the actions from the Tactical page to message another player, requesting help in this zone. You can also post a request on social media, or copy the zone information to use for other communication, such as an email or text message.

Zone leaderboards show who has the most bots in a zone. You can switch to the Region and Country leaderboards by tapping the tabs on the list. In the United States, Regions correspond to States. In Canada, regions are provinces. In the United Kingdom, the kingdom is found in the Country tab, while England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland are found under the Regions.

The zone list display presents many options for finding zones. The zones on the map list will present a list of the zones currently drawn on the map, with the option to sort the list by name, by size, or by the faction that controls the zone.

The search list will allow you to search for a zone by name. You can change the country and region by tapping the name above the search box. If you have a Zone Id, you can enter the Id (a number) in the search box and the search will automatically search for the zone using the ID, ignoring the country and region selections.

When you launch bots into a zone, that zone will be listed on the recent zones list. If you forget when zone you last attacked, you can find the zone in the recent list.

The Pinned Zone List allows players to create a list of favorite zones. You can pin a zone to the list using the pin button in the Zone Info panel on the map, or by pinning a zone from the Recent List.

Atlantis overview is also available from the Zone List.

More on Atlantis

As you level up, you are allowed more bases. A Create Base icon will appear if you can create a new base in your current zone.  You must physically be in a zone to create a base there.

You may only create a base in a zone that is your current location.  You may need to drive, walk, or take public transportation to another zone to create more bases.

To remove a base, center the base on the map. The base information box in the lower left of the screen will display the base name. Tap the information box to expand it. Hit the trash can icon to remove the base.

Bases that your faction controls will fill up faster than bases in enemy zones. You might want to remove and add new bases accordingly to maximize your qredit havesting.

You can check a base's fill rate by expanding the information box in the lower left of the screen, after you center the base on the screen.

Do you have enough nanobots and energy for the formation you have selected? You may need to wait for your scope to charge, or use a Refresh.

You may be launching into a zone that is out of range. Check your range in the bottom panel. Your formation icon will be orange if it is ready to launch.

You may have been infected with Sync Lock. Enemies can lock your scope to another player's, and this effects your launch capability.

Learn more about SyncLock

After launching bots into a zone, you will see a launch result screen full of statistics. The top of the screen will show you a new summary of the zone, showing how many bots each faction has in the zone.

It is possible to launch the same formation into the zone again from this screen. If you are able to launch again, a relaunch button will appear.

A summary of the battle outcomes will show you your progression towards advancing in level, and earning Gold Status for the week. Summary statistics will show you how many enemy bots you destroyed and how many of your own bots survived the attack. You will also be able to review a detailed break down of what bots are in the zone for both you and your opponents. Understanding what bots your opponents have in the zone, is important for choosing the best formation for your next attack.

If your attack results in a notable outcome, such as capturing the zone, becoming the zone leader, or destroying all of an opponents bots, you will have a chance to share your battle success on Social Media.

In some battle scenarios, such as battling in Atlantis or in a Tunneled Zone, it is possible that you may find a free item as a result of your attack. This is referred to as "Salvage". Items you salvage from an attack are added to your inventory.

While launching you may be prompted to verify you are not a robot. There are two types of launch verification techniques in QONQR. The first is a simple swipe action that asks you to verify you are a human. You do this by selecting the correct swipe bar and dragging it as the arrows indicate. If you swipe the wrong slider, the app will return to the map, which will also move in a random direction.

The sliders appear in random orientations in random spots on the screen. It is necessary to have this mechanism in the game because prior to this check, multiple players created robots to automatically play the game for them. This check makes it more difficult for a cheater to build a robot to play for them.

While launching you may be prompted to verify you are not a robot. Launch verification is the second anti-roboting mechanism in QONQR. This mechanism requires a player to match up images. Image you are entering a secret launch code. You are given a symbol, letter, number or shape and must find the corresponding image that most closely matches it. For example a blue capital letter 'R' turned sideways would match an orange lower case 'r' that is upside down. A solid orange traiangle pointing up, would match a hollow blue triangle pointing left.

This anti-cheating mechanism is much harder for a robot to pass, but it is also challenging for a human to do quickly. Therefore users are presented with this challenge less frequently. Players who fail to take too long to pass this check, or fail too many time are flagged for suspicious activity and may find their accounts banned.

This utility offensive formation offers both moderate attack damage and shield defense. With a decent survivability rate, ZA both knocks down the enemy, but also leaves behind enough bots to pester your opponent.

The offensive formation offers a heavy attack but almost no shields. It should be used solely to tear down the enemies defenses.

This offensive formation is a pure energy aerial attack. Packing a heavy punch, this attack will drain your scope of its energy quickly.

This offensive formation is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal. It is a long range aerial weapon that will allow you to support allies at great distances.

This defensive formation is your basic guard formation. Fill your zones with many of these core defensive formations.

Seekers are an active defense formation. They are the only defense formation with attack damage, behave like snipers, performing a first strike on enemy attack formations.

By using a unique shield structure, this defensive formation is the strongest of all the defensive formations. Absorbers form the backbone of a solid zone defense.

HL has the unique ability to extend their shields over all the bots ahead of them on the battlefield. The effect is limited to the first 25,000 HL bots, beyond that, HL bots act like normal defensive bots.

The Divert formation leverages stealth capabilities to camouflage other bots in the zone. Attack bots entering the zone will target the enemy with the greatest defensive shields. Each Divert bot will mask its own shields and the shields of 2 to 5 of your most powerful bots, depending on the level of the required Distortion Generator Scope Upgrade.

Bot Boosters are one of only two support formations that benefit all players of the same faction in a zone. By deploying BB in a battle zone, you not only increase the attack effectiveness of all your bots in that zone, but also all the bots of your entire Faction in the zone. Every 2000 Booster Bots increase the attack damage of every bot in your Faction by +5% (Max of +100%).

Strengtheners are one of the only two support formations that benefit all players of the same faction in a zone. Using Strengtheners in a battle zones improves the shield effectiveness for all bots in the zones belonging to your Faction. Every 2000 Strengtheners increase the shields of every bot in your Faction by +5% (Max of +100%, except Absorbers, which have Max +50%).

When you install QONQR on your phone, you are not installing a game, you are installing the software that will allow you to see the game. The game is the real world. The QONQR app transforms your phone into a scope, the weapon that allows you to play QONQR.

The scope overview can be accessed by tapping the tab on the right side of the screen that contains the circle icon. The Scope Overview shows the current state of your Scope and your progress towards goals. From this view, you can upgrade your scope and purchase consumables that are required to launch some attack and defensive formations.

Most veteran players agree, upgrade the components that support “free” launching before you upgrade components that require ordnance to launch the formation. Several will also suggest that you prioritize offense over defense when first starting out.

For example, upgrading your Bot and Energy tanks is very smart. It will give you more attacks per session. Some will argue that upgrading the MX Rack allowing you to launch Missile formations is bad for new players because it encourages them to spend Qredits to buy missiles instead of saving those Qredits to buy more upgrades. Alternatively, having missiles makes it possible to join attacks on cities far away, and build friendships and alliances with new players from all over the world. You must decide what is most important to you.

Nearly all players agree, when you are weak, focus on offense. Do not invest in defensive strength until you are strong enough to fight off an attack, and have built up enough alliances with other players to call in support. When you are weak, retreat and refocus your attacks in a new area.

Sync Lock is a game mechanic implemented to reduce the number of players who are using multiple devices to control their nearby towns and cities. These players are commonly referred to as multiscopers. Play fair. One player, one device.

When two devices are used near each other they become vulnerable to Sync Lock. If two or more devices are sync locked to each other, they will share the same metrics for calculating scope overheat. This will slow the regeneration of bots and energy to the point a player using multiple devices would be better off using a single device.

Sync Lock only impacts devices while they are in the same zone. If two players are sync locked, but one goes to work while the other goes to school in different zones, the impact is removed while the devices are in different zones. Sync Lock will only affect players while in the same zone.

If you suspect two players are actually a single person playing with two accounts, you can attempt to infect the two accounts with a Sync Lock virus. Visit the web portal and use the Sync Lock option under your dashboard. Only players that have completed training (Level 100) may attempt to lock other players using Sync Lock. This is necessary to avoid abuse, whereby a player may create many new player accounts just to send Sync Lock attempts.

To avoid abuse, a "packet" is needed to use Sync Lock. A new Sync Lock Packet is issued to every player at midnight UTC, if they do not already have a packet. If you are able to lock two players with Sync Lock, your packet will be recovered and can be used again. If the Sync fails, you will lose your packet. You must wait until midnight to get a new one. If you wish to attempt to lock more players before midnight, you may purchase one for qredits.

Family members and work colleagues who play together can break Sync Lock by proving they are separate individuals. Play the Sync Lock Mini-game, found under the Player Profile on the mobile app, to prove you are two individuals and not a multiscoper.

Sync Lock is determined by comparing the launches of two players over the previous 24 hours. The system will identify all launches where two players were in the same location at the same time (within an hour). Same location not only uses the GPS coordinates of the player, but also the accuracy of the GPS signal. Players who use a device without a real GPS antenna, but rather use cell tower triangulation or WiFi for location, will have a poor accuracy rating. This could result in two players who live on the same city block being Sync Locked, because location accuracy was as poor as 1 or 2 KM.

Two players who play together often may look like a multi-scoper, and may be sync locked. These two players can prove they are not a multi-scoper by playing the Sync Lock minigame.

The Sync Lock Protection mini-game is a cooperative real-time shooter game. Two players work together to defeat a series of AI enemies. Since the players are playing together at the same time we can verify the location of the two players and verify that these two players are not a multiscoper. Players who prove they are individuals by playing the mini-game will earn protection from Sync Lock for the next 24 hours. If players are currently locked, they will be unlocked. The mini-game can be played by any two players at any time.

To achieve Sync Lock protection, players must defeat multiple bosses, finishing the game with almost no shields and having contributed significant damage each. These game requirements are intended to reduce the chance that cheaters would build a robot to play the game for them as they drive away from from home. This may sound ridiculous, however we have experienced many situations over the years where players have built both software and physical robots to auto-play QONQR. The distance players must be apart is dependent on the quality of GPS signal. Players cannot be moving while playing.

To invite a player to the mini-game, search for the player in the mobile application. Tap the "Protection" link under the "Actions" tab of the player you wish to invite to the mini-game.

There are 3 types of weapons and 3 types of shields; Electric, Plasma, and Cannon. If the enemy AI shoots the electric weapon at you, you should attempt to block with the electric shield. Blocking with the correct shield will result in the least damage. Blocking with the wrong shield will result in significant damage to that shield. You may fire at the enemy while they fire at you, each taking damage to yours weapons. Each weapon does different damage to other types of weapons and shields. Discovering the different damage levels for weapons and shields is important in understanding how to maximize your lifespan while inflicting the most damage.

Atlantis is a global tournament that was made to bring all players together for a common goal. No matter your level, you have a role to play. In fact, players in training (level 1-99) have played a vital role for their Factions in every game. Atlantis is placed somewhere in a body of water on the first of each month and players must search the globe to find it. Atlantis starts with a stacking phase where each faction must establish a defense in their zone. Followed by a battle phase where each faction attempts to capture the most zones before the tournament ends.

Atlantis moves every month. It will appear in a random location in the ocean and seas of the world. Players must search for Atlantis. Once all factions have found it, the location becomes public. Atlantis is always found adjacent to land but is usually far enough off the coast so that no land will appear on the screen, if you are looking at an Atlantis zone on the map. QONQR may post clues on Facebook to hint to the location of Atlantis after an hour or two of searching. Atlantis begins at midnight UTC on the first of every month.

All factions start with the same number of zones. Atlantis Prime is the center zone for Atlantis and may not be used by any faction during the stacking phase. Each faction has a Grunt zone. Only new players may play in this zone. Each faction has a Melee zone, which only allow formations that do not require an ordnance. The Clover zone has a randomized boost for every launch. The top three launchers from the previous month for each faction will have a zone named after them. The top launcher will have an Elite zone, restricting access to that zone only to Elite players. Grunt, Melee, and Clover and often Prime are “no cubing zones”. Players may not launch into these zones if they have used a bot or energy refresh in the last hour. Booster, Strengthen, and Divert bots are not allowed in Atlantis.

The number of days for the stacking and battle phase of Atlantis changes periodically. Rules for Atlantis may also change as could game objectives. Changes will be announced on the blog.

The top 3 players for each faction will earn a medal and have a zone named after then in the next Atlantis tournament. The player who discovers Atlantis will also earn a medal. The faction who wins the Atlantis tournament will receive a harvesting bonus for the last 7 days of the month. All bases of all players in the winning faction will hold 200% capacity. When Atlantis was first implemented, this was the most requested prize, labeled the “gift of sleep” for those players who would harvest their bases in the middle of the night to avoid missing qredits.

There are 15 million Qredits awarded to the top 100 players from each faction. First place faction will receive 10 million credits, divided among the top 100 players broken down by their percentage of overall launches compared to the other 99 players. Second and Third place will receive 4 million and 1 million respectively.

A player that destroys over 1 million bots in Atlantis is awarded “Marksman” status. This is similar to Gold Status, however Marksman only applies to bots destroyed in Atlantis. The player will retain the Markman symbol on their profile for the whole month.

Zones in Atlantis use the same Quantum Salvage mechanic as Zone Tunneling

Quantum Tunneling refers to the quantum mechanical phenomenon where a particle tunnels through a barrier that it classically could not surmount. In QONQR, this phenomenon will allow nanobots to travel distances that are normally impossible.

Pairs of zones will be connected with a tunnel, allowing the damage from formations in each zone to travel unlimited distance. For example, London and Sydney may be connected via a tunnel, if the zones are held by different factions. Zones that are tunneled will appear with a pair of orange link symbols on the zone pin. The Zone Tactical display will give you information about the tunnel.

Shockwave bots deployed in Sydney, will stay in Sydney, but their damage will destroy the opponent with the most threat in either zone (as if the two zones were a single zone), and will most likely destroy bots in London. You can now put your city up against another city to determine once and for all, who is the best.

Tunnels can be created by the zone leader in the web portal. Players who have bots in each zone will be given a 24 hour notice via wire message that a tunnel has been initiated. The tunnel takes 24 hours to form, then the linked zone battle will begin. Tunnels will last 24 hours, or until one city is wiped out or captured by another faction.

Your bots will not cross the tunnel into the opponent's zone. They will not be abandoned on the other side of the world without support once the tunnel is broken. You cannot capture a zone on the other side of a tunnel, but you can wipe out all the bots so your faction members near the zone can capture it.

Anyone can participate in a tunneled battle. Local players in Miami can fight along with their friends in Moscow who may be outnumbered and need help. Additionally, players in New Orleans can destroy bots in Moscow by launching missiles at Miami. If you can hit a tunneled zone, you can hit whatever is on the other side. A zone may only be tunneled to one other zone at a time.

Salvage is obtaining a free item after a launch. Originally this was introduced as part of the Quantum Tunneling game feature. An item used in the launch, such as a missile or bot refresh would become “stuck” in the tunnel. Another player may find this item when they launch into the tunnel.

If you launch a formation that requires an item, you are twice as likely to salvage a item from the quantum tunnel. A bot or energy refresh may become stuck in a tunnel following the first launch after the refresh was used. It will also double the chances of salvage on that first launch.

This feature was expanded to include Atlantis. All mechanics for Salvage work the same.