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The "Save the Nanobots" campaign was created to fund the development of the QONQR lore, the story behind the game. 100% of the proceeds generated from the campaign will be directed to the development of the QONQR backstory. Initially the funds will be used to hire an illustrator to create 3-5 panel web comics. A graphic novel will develop through this process and the lore will be exposed over time.

It is the hope that the factions will support the campaign equally. Once a faction reaches the goal, those funds will be directed to the development of a new web comic. Ideally, the Legion funds will develop the Agent Sunday backstory, and the Swarm will fund the backstory for Kimyo. Faceless lore will likely not expand the history of Prometheus to maintain the anonymity of the elusive Faction leader, but rather expose the exploits of the Faceless collaborators, or perhaps even the mysteries of QONQR itself.

Should one faction dominate the donations, their funds may be used to help round out the story of the other factions. All comics will be credited to the funding factions, for example: "Funded by the Legion." Let's hope we don't see a comic about Kimyo's early childhood, "Funded by the Faceless".

Perhaps the lore will expose the truth about QONQR and we can stop the senseless destruction of so many nanobots doomed to a terrible and violent end.