Weapons Cache

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Weapons Cache is a prototype feature which creates an open gifting network. Weapons caches are established to give away items valued at 1 cube or up to 10,000 qredits per use. Caches may be configured to allow players to claim items from the cache once per day, once a week, or a single claim per user.

Possible uses of Weapons Cache:

  • Gift 1 to 10 missiles per user, to regional players in a coordinated attack.
  • Send one cube per day to each player in your GroupMe group
  • Create a QR code for all conference attendees who visit your booth to receive a refresh pack when scanned
  • Give away 5 Absorbers to every customer who visits your business each week

Weapons Caches are public. Owners of weapons caches can change the access key at anytime, but any player who knows a valid key may make a claim. Those owners wishing to keep their caches a secret must use caution in sharing access to the cache. Weapons Cache owners will be able to see who claims items from their cache and will have the ability to message those players for a limited time, regardless if the player has disabled messaging.

If you are interested in purchasing a weapons cache for your friends or business, please email support@QONQR.com

  • $100 purchases 80,000 cache points
  • Every item claimed, having a value of 1 cube, deducts 200 points
  • Every item claimed, having a value of 500 qredits, deducts 10 points